Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guaranteed Recipe for Laughter

Guaranteed Recipe for Laughter – Especially for Empty Nesters!

Hubby and I have just returned from spending a week visiting our son and his family. We had a nice time, with only one frustration – which involved electronics, not family. No, not the usual GPS stuff. This time a new remote for their new TV was our undoing.

Unfortunately, when our son and his wife went out one evening, they incorrectly assumed we would be able to work their latest remote. After my husband and I both proved neither of us had the skill to turn on the television, either with or without the remote, we eventually spent the evening reading.

The next day, the other grandparents arrived. The grandpa picked up the remote after dinner. He is much more mechanically inclined than my hubby, so when after several frustrating attempts he too could not work the remote, my husband’s macho self-esteem was repaired.

The below link is mandatory reading for anyone that wants to see the cause of all of our frustrations. I just finished listening to it and laughed so hard that tears poured out of my eyes.

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