Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Florida Votes - Nothing's Changed

“Can’t you Floridians learn how to vote?” a Northern friend teased when she called me the other day.

She was referring to the fact that our hour’s long wait to vote early had made national news. Since hubby and I had voted that afternoon, I confidently replied, “No.”

There was only one reason for the wait: the length of the ballot. The poll workers were friendly and efficient and doing their best to make lemonade out of a lemon. They even had chairs available for those who could not stand. After our almost two-hour wait, it took another half-hour to “bubble-in” the bubbles on both sides of the five pages – and we had “cheat” sheets on how we wanted to vote for all the amendments, judges, etc. When done with step one, we then had to scan our five answer sheets into the scanner. My poor husband bubbled out of the oval in one spot, so the scanner refused one page of his ballot! His choice was to return to “go” and start the process again or not vote for some of the amendments. At that point, sadly, neither of us cared about the amendments and we left.

I miss the old pushpin ballots. People with minor tremors in their hands didn’t have them rejected because they “bubbled out of the lines.” The “hanging chads” did that method of voting in. I miss the computer touch and vote machines that replaced them. Both systems allowed voters to select their language and not be confused once the actual voting process began. However, orders were given to the powers in charge of elections to come up with a system that had a paper trail. The solution is the present ballot written in three languages. Does it sound confusing? Believe me, it is.

Okay, America, Broward County supposedly now has a foolproof voting system, and according to one poll worker, “It is perfect unless someone misplaces the boxes with the ballots.”

If I were a betting person, I would make a wager that we’ll be up late next Tuesday because people will still be on line in Broward waiting to vote. In fact, I predict we’ll still be voting long after California will close their polls. Hopefully, since I don’t like to be teased about my home state, I won’t win my bet!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My (Election) Wish List

I wish the election were over tomorrow, so everyone would stop being so angry at his or her friends and relatives who disagree with them.

I wish the “talking heads” on radio and television that thrive on instigating hate would get permanent laryngitis.

I wish there was a law mandating a truth meter in front of politicians whenever they talk in public.

I wish there was a truth meter in front of everyone who appears on a news program be they broadcasters or commentators.

I wish that there were a law making people liable for the lies they send in emails.

I wish that people who automatically send the false emails on were subject to fines.

I wish that the election were over tomorrow. Hopefully, the losing team will not be sore losers so that this nation can heal.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Innovative Ballet Slippers?

I will be attending a party in NY this December and since my one pair of “NY” winter-pumps no longer fit, I need new shoes. Thus, the articles about fashion trends in women’s shoes that appeared yesterday and today in both newspapers I receive, caught my eye. Supposedly, 6-inch spikes are the rage. The price tag on some of those shown in the newspapers cost more than a month’s worth of groceries for Hubby and me.

In my very pre-senior citizen days, I actually would have entertained the idea of buying a pair of these mini-torture chambers -- when the copies in my price range would show up in my stores. In my youth, style was more important than comfort. However, in those days spikes were a tolerable 3-inches. Now, according to one article, a person wearing 6-inch heels while walking in the streets of Manhattan took a bad spill when she attempted to cross the street. Perhaps the stores selling the shoes should offer canes or walkers to assist the purchasers – or even better – ballet lessons so the wearer can stroll around city streets while perched on the tips of their toes.

By the time I put down today’s newspaper, several thoughts crossed my mind. Will the present economy stop people who usually spend over $500 for a few ounces of leather from buying these shoes? And, if so, how long before the $500 shoes show up at greatly reduced prices on the racks in Marshalls or SteinMart? Even if they do, I still won’t buy them. With age and arthritis comes wisdom when it comes to purchasing shoes – however, I still won’t buy black velvet sneakers for the party.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guaranteed Recipe for Laughter

Guaranteed Recipe for Laughter – Especially for Empty Nesters!

Hubby and I have just returned from spending a week visiting our son and his family. We had a nice time, with only one frustration – which involved electronics, not family. No, not the usual GPS stuff. This time a new remote for their new TV was our undoing.

Unfortunately, when our son and his wife went out one evening, they incorrectly assumed we would be able to work their latest remote. After my husband and I both proved neither of us had the skill to turn on the television, either with or without the remote, we eventually spent the evening reading.

The next day, the other grandparents arrived. The grandpa picked up the remote after dinner. He is much more mechanically inclined than my hubby, so when after several frustrating attempts he too could not work the remote, my husband’s macho self-esteem was repaired.

The below link is mandatory reading for anyone that wants to see the cause of all of our frustrations. I just finished listening to it and laughed so hard that tears poured out of my eyes.