Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Innovative Ballet Slippers?

I will be attending a party in NY this December and since my one pair of “NY” winter-pumps no longer fit, I need new shoes. Thus, the articles about fashion trends in women’s shoes that appeared yesterday and today in both newspapers I receive, caught my eye. Supposedly, 6-inch spikes are the rage. The price tag on some of those shown in the newspapers cost more than a month’s worth of groceries for Hubby and me.

In my very pre-senior citizen days, I actually would have entertained the idea of buying a pair of these mini-torture chambers -- when the copies in my price range would show up in my stores. In my youth, style was more important than comfort. However, in those days spikes were a tolerable 3-inches. Now, according to one article, a person wearing 6-inch heels while walking in the streets of Manhattan took a bad spill when she attempted to cross the street. Perhaps the stores selling the shoes should offer canes or walkers to assist the purchasers – or even better – ballet lessons so the wearer can stroll around city streets while perched on the tips of their toes.

By the time I put down today’s newspaper, several thoughts crossed my mind. Will the present economy stop people who usually spend over $500 for a few ounces of leather from buying these shoes? And, if so, how long before the $500 shoes show up at greatly reduced prices on the racks in Marshalls or SteinMart? Even if they do, I still won’t buy them. With age and arthritis comes wisdom when it comes to purchasing shoes – however, I still won’t buy black velvet sneakers for the party.

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