Monday, June 14, 2010

Influencial Dreams

Last night I had a nightmare about a heated argument with my husband that he won. His anger – which is rare – was so realistic that I awoke literally shaking. I stepped out of bed, washed up, and went into the kitchen to pour my coffee. Through each step of my morning ritual, I felt silly about still feeling agitated after losing a spat that that never occurred. Those who know me know I am not a good loser. My unsuspecting and truly innocent husband was sitting on the rear patio reading the morning papers. I took my mug, went outside, and snatched one section of the newspaper from bewildered Hubby. That set the tone for the next few hours until he went to the gym.

With him safely out of hearing distance, I called a friend and confessed. “I’m snapping at him over every thing he does from the way he folded the paper to not helping me with chores I never want him to help me with. I’m still mad because he yelled at me in my nightmare!”

We both literally giggled at the absurdity of the situation and by the time we hung up, my uncalled for anger had dissipated.

A friend once told me you should only do things or look at things that don’t ever upset you before you go to bed. “If you keep family pictures in your bedroom and one of them is aggravating you, it’s not good to look at his or her face right before you turn out the lights. You’ll have bad dreams.

Well, the only pictures of my children and grandchildren in my bedroom are infant pictures. Infant pictures make me smile. So, I had to think, what subconscious action caused the nightmare? The reason hit me like a brick. I couldn’t fall asleep the night before. I came out of the bedroom and headed for the frig and the leftover chocolate cake Hubby thought he had hidden in the rear of the freezer. My personal stay-on-your-diet enforcer, was right behind me. He literally blocked the frig. Consciously, I knew he saved me from night binging, but I must have gone to bed with subconscious anger towards him because I really wanted that cake. All I could remember about the dream was him making me stop something that I wanted to do. Hmmmm. Do you think his actions in real life influenced my dream?

I shared the story with him when he returned from the gym. He wasn’t amused, but he did comment. “It’s good to know that for once I won an argument with you – even if it was in your dreams.”

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