Friday, May 21, 2010

Seniorville Adolescent Behavior

After this past week, I’ve decided I’m officially reliving my second teenaged-hood. My rejuvenation became apparent during Hubby’s and my recent weekend getaway with many of our neighbors. Even though everyone on the bus is either collecting social security or soon will be, we sounded like a bunch of middle schoolers on a class trip to Disneyworld, (the age I taught). None of our extended group felt like snoozing or reading – the incorrect stereotype of my peers. Instead, we decided to play Geography. (For those of you who never played this “keep the kids quiet” car game, one player will say “TexaS,” and then the next person says, “South DekotA,” and the next players needs to say a place on the map beginning with an “a.” The player is “out” if he/she repeats a place or are caught bluffing.)

It didn’t take long for some of the correct or not so correct responses to inspire comments, which led to giggles and laughter. The game continued until the two buses from our Seniorville stopped at a rest area. After we returned to the bus, one couple was missing. Our “leader” informed us they requested to be transferred to the other bus from our community with the more “mature” grown ups. (They didn’t get their expected results because that bus was filled with people talking over videos some unknown person on he bus thought old folks would enjoy. Perhaps my unhappy docile neighbors, like the video player didn’t understand the words “ for active seniors” when they bought a home in our development.)

Today, my group of friends again displayed middle-school behavior. We were having lunch in our Seniorville cafe when someone said she read an article that one of the side effects of Viagra is loss of hearing. Just as she finished delivering this tidbit of info, a neighbor came into the cafe and walked over to his wife who was chatting with her friends at a nearby table. He handed her something and then turned and headed towards the door. On his way away from the table, she called his name. He didn’t respond until she shouted his name again several times.

“Lately you never hear me,” she said in a voice loud . “I think you need a hearing aide.”

I sucked my lips in and bit them with my teeth. Another friend stuffed her sandwich in her mouth and almost choked. The other “girls” headed quickly for the bathroom and later admitted they made it just in time.

If it is true about hearing problems for those on Viagra and the person taking it doesn’t want others to know, I have a suggestion: Get your hearing checked regularly!

Knowing my sick sense of humor, I know that every time I see an older fellow with a hearing aide, or one of the men I know complain they can’t hear, I know what I will be thinking.

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Chelle Cordero said...

Adorable! I love that the old (no pun intended) stereotypes for retirees are falsehoods - so much more comfortable as I grow closer. Thank you Eda for inspiring me with hope.