Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Electronic Gotcha

The good thing about technology is it stops people from rewriting history, especially their own. Politically, it has been the kind of week that a couple of candidates on both sides of the aisle have had a difficult time backtracking because their original comments were caught on film for the world to see and hear.

Politicians aren’t the only ones stepping into bear traps because of modern technology. Everyday folks are finding it difficult to back peddle also. Somebody sent me an email not meant for my eyes. She must have had me on her mind when she filled in the top of the email because I received the original and the intended recipient received the “cc.” I did the polite thing, sent her back the original, and told her it made no sense to me. She has sent me three emails since insisting she doesn’t know how her name got on the “from” box. Perhaps someone else used her computer, but that doesn’t eliminate the electronic fact that the original email to me came from her email address. Luckily, the electronic facts (emails) will hold up in any court of gossip to prove I didn’t give away the surprise but the genie who used her email address did.

Technological evidence got another friend’s hubby in big trouble yesterday. She was trying to reach him all afternoon. She left message after message to no avail. She needed some information ASAP. When her husband came home, she justifiably asked why he ignored her texts.

He maintained he didn’t receive any.

“Look at your phone messages,” she instructed.

He pulled his zillion-dollar phone from his front pocket, turned bright red and left the room.

See, candidates aren’t the only ones who get into deep &*^%$ because of modern tech.

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