Sunday, October 4, 2009

You're Getting Even Older When . . .

A few weeks ago, I realized my Florida son was more than his usual two inches taller than I was – way more. I looked down to see if he was wearing new sneakers with extra lifts in them. I shuddered when I realized he was wearing his usual worn down sneakers. At 39, he is not growing in height. There could be only one explanation for the fact I was looking up – way up – to my son. I have moved up another notch on the morphing to Mama ladder.

This shrinking is probably the true reason my clothes are becoming tighter when my weight is the same: I am condensing! How low I will go is unknown. My mother went from being two inches shorter than me to a head lower by the time she reached 90.

Hubby had his rude awakening to the fact that this unavoidable aging process is happening to him also during our recent visit to our Atlanta family. He always stood two inches above our Atlanta son, but now stands eye-to-eye. Up until that moment I thought the reason Hubby switched to a 32 inseam instead of the 34 he was until last year is that jeans made abroad weren’t measured properly.

I’ve yet to read in any of the usual email jokes about “you know you are getting old when” a reference to the inevitable shrinking, but they do refer to the sagging. They also don’t talk much about gray hair. At my age, I’m used to my male peers being gray or white. Heck, even some of my “girlfriends” have thrown in the towel and let it go natural. (Gray is a problem I never will have – in my family you turn from black/brown to a charcoal blackish/gray mixed with a drop of normal gray – my hair is the real thing.)

Anyway – back to the topic - last week it hit me during religious services that most of my friends kids – excuse me – sons – were either gray or bald and our grandkids are closer to college age than preschool.

As I glanced around the room, spotting my friends’ pot bellies, flabby arms, and crow’s eyes on their adult children, the idea for this blog came to me. I’ve yet to receive a “You Know You’re Getting EVEN Older When” list. So, let me be the one to start it.

1. You’re clothes are getting tight and you’re not gaining weight.
2. Your daughter dyes her hair to hide gray.
3. Your grandchild applies for a driver’s license.
4. Your daughter and/or daughter-in-law are having hot flashes.
5. Policemen look the same age as your grandchildren.

Anyone else have any other add-ons please feel free to do so and past the list on!

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