Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Facebook:Take II

Beware: Reconnecting with those from your past on Facebook has the potential for unexpected expenses, and not reconnecting with them can do severe damage to your self-image. With respect to your pocketbook, if you are planning a big, expensive party take note: unless your bank account rivals Donald Trump, be careful of reconnecting with too many or all those long distant and/or out of sight, out of mind friends and relatives from your past who once were on your invitation lists and expected to come. If you reestablish contacts with these folks who you have on your “invited, never respond yes list” or “delete them, we haven’t seen them in years list,” some of them may expect an invite and even worse, show up. As I said, if money is unlimited, keep on searching and reconnecting.

Now to the negative self-image issue. Since I am no longer planning catered affairs, this is the problem that affects me. Not one long lost friend from high school or college has contacted me since I joined Facebook. I was active in my high school sorority and college house plans. My photo albums are filled with pictures with long forgotten people and me having fun. So how come none of the gals in pictures from my ancient past has recognized my name and attempted to contact me? And how come I don’t have the slightest desire to contact any of them? Is it for fear of rejection or that none of us really remember each other?

The answer is debatable, but in the meantime, I will enjoy the postings from those I know, continue to reconnect with those long lost friends and relatives that I remember and care about enough to want to reconnect, and be grateful I’m not making anymore weddings or other parties where I need to cut down my list.

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