Saturday, April 18, 2009

Moving Snafus

Our move to Senior Utopia would have been perfect if it wasn’t for modern technology. First, we had to cancel our move because the bank that lent the buyers of our old home wired the money to the wrong title company. It took two days to discover where a few hundred thousand was hiding. Fortunately, the closing of our new home was dependant on the closing of our old home – something our son, the lawyer, insisted. “Unless you want to own two homes, you better make sure you have that clause in your contract.”

Tis wise to have the advice of wise lawyers when dealing with banks today.

The banks played more games even after they rewired the money. When the money finally arrived three days later, the title company hand delivered a check to the title company of our new home to make sure the money didn’t get held up again and cause us to have to cancel our move the second time.

Other than the usual decisions that drive me to eat – picking out paint colors and window coverings – the only big snag we have is with Comcast. We used Comcast for email in our other home and incorrectly ASSumed that our email addresses would make the trip with us. We were even told that by a Comcast employee whose name we foolishly never wrote down. Unfortunately, that is not true and this week Comcast informed us it could take up to 90 days to find our emails in cyberspace, send them to me, and have my email working again with my usual email names. Did anyone ever think it would take modern technology more time to transfer emails than the Pony Express needed to go from coast to coast????????


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Christina Bledsoe said...

Ugg what a pain! If people were just paying attention and doing their job this kind of thing wouldn't happen. The people of Comcast are of lower intelligence, there is just no other way to say it.