Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For Sale

We’ve made the big decision – I think. After 35 years in South Florida, hubby and I – transplanted New Yorkers – might be moving to a retirement community in Georgia. We will become what the locals in the Deep South call “halfbacks.” That’s the native southerners’ nickname for Floridians who were born “up North” and are now moving to eastern states located on the map below the Mason-Dixon line and above Florida. Exactly when halfbacks are to complete their journey north, I prefer not to speculate – but I have an idea.

Anyway, to get back to our probable move - Experts have given us much advice on how to ready our home to be appealing to others. First, we had to rid our home of anything personal so the potential buyers can visualize themselves in what we hope will be their future home. This means we had to remove family pictures from every nook, cranny, and wall – even the refrigerator! All but basic essentials – like lamps – were removed from tabletops. Then we dragged any non-essential furniture into the garage to give the illusion our rooms are massive. After we did this, I quickly realized my dusting was cut by 90%. If we ever sell, the pictures, the bric-a-brac, extra chairs, and étagère may never again see the light of day.

Other experts gave great advice on what to say in the ads: We’re within walking distance to all schools, the little league field, food shopping and even a major mall - if you like to hike in 95 degrees. Since my area is what I call a city-suburbia, large lots like mine are highly unusual, so that is also a big selling feature. (I won’t mention to any prospective buyers that gardeners charge more to mow large lots, and in Florida, mowing a lawn is not seasonal.)

We have had two prospective buyers so far – unusual in this real estate market. What’s the attraction? Next to the little league field there is a dog park – a feature that dog-less me, and my dog-less realtor didn’t even put in the ad! In fact people are spotting my For Sale sign on the way to and fro the park. If one of them makes an acceptable offer, I’ll leave some meat bones in my freezer!

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