Thursday, August 26, 2010

Down and Down Some Grow

My husband insists he’s still 6’1” because his pants aren’t dragging on the floor. I insist he’s close to 5’10” because I’m not straining my neck to look at him in the eye and he’s now the same height as Atlanta Son—who officially turns middle-aged this week so is obviously beyond his height growing years. I informed Hubby that his bones don’t shrink, which is why he still is wearing the same size shirt and jeans. It’s the spaces in-between the vertebra that close up as you age — at least’s what I’m told which is why the inseam of shirts and pants don’t change.

When it comes to my height, it is another issue. I lost half an inch and that is it. During the past year I’ve noticed peers who once towered over me are now my height. Others who were once my height and now up to my chin. It’s weird. Why aren’t I shrinking at the same speed? None of us have any physical problems that would cause friends my age to be dropping height while I’m not. We all take the “right” vitamins and eat well.

I am now looking for logical reasons for the lack of shrinkage. Could it be that I’ve always stretched almost daily? Some, not all of my friends do, so that rationalization doesn’t go far. How about the fact I’ve always had close friends years younger and being surrounded by those younger than me not only keeps my thinking young, but my body too? It’s not genetics. Ma went from 5’2” to 4’10”. Dad dropped inches also. Also, my older sister is no longer inches taller than me and big bro isn’t so big anymore.

Or could it be that I am Alice in Wonderland and will one day wake with a full head of gray hair (it’s still 95% black/brown) and be inches shorter? Did art imitate life in the book?

You can ponder the reasons and let me know. I’ve got to do my daily stretching!

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