Monday, July 19, 2010

Diagnosis: Nagging Jam

My husband, my sons, my computer, and my printer have something in common.
The other day, I was in the middle of printing what I pray will be the last semi-final copy of my manuscript, so I could bring it to an expert to proof read. Half way through, I had a paper jam. Hubby fixed that part easily enough, and then I hit the button that commands the printer to finish its job. It didn’t listen. Over and over, I retyped my command. A dialogue box on the screen flashed a warning that the printer was off-line. Again, my husband maintained he could fix it, but, alas, it didn’t respond to his commands anymore than it obeyed mine. It was on strike.

I called Florida Son who said he would come over in a few hours to help. While I was waiting for my PCP—personal computer paramedic—I decided to see if I could comprehend the difficult directions offered in the trouble shooting section of advice. I followed each command, and after each step checked the box saying the printer still wasn’t printing Then came the ultimate suggestion: Turn your computer and printer off for several minutes. The directive was followed.

Ten minutes later, I turned everything on. Without me sending a command, the printer was making its grunting noises indicating it was ready to spew paper, and within seconds begin to complete the task I commanded it to do so hours before. Evidently, the computer and printer like Hubby and sons, totally ignores me—or shuts down— when I nag.

A minute later, Florida Son came in front door. I guess that’s what happens if I only ask once.

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