Monday, January 11, 2010

Too Much Bursting

Living on a six star cruise ship – what I call the active adult community I live in – has one downside, and that’s the upsizing of my waist since we moved in less than a year ago. Since we didn’t move a great distance from our old home, we still socialize with all of our Florida friends from that location. We relocated to an area where many of our old New York friends, who retired to Florida, settled. Add to that mix, all the new friends from our “cruise ship,” there is never time to say, “I’m bored.” My active social circle has tripled. Is there such a thing as too much of a social life? Absolutely not. It’s just I’ve never learned to handle constant exposure to yummy treats. To make things worse, I have to keep cake and snacks in the house to serve in case we decide to have friends over the last minute – something that was unusual while Hubby and I worked. For me these “goodies” are bad because I’m drawn to “company” food like ants to sugar at a picnic.

When we join friends in their homes – before or after dinner – Hubby is not tempted no matter how delectable the spread the hosts serve. That’s why he’s the only diabetic I know who doesn’t need to take the expensive pills others take. Me? My mother taught me to empty my plate. On New Year’s eve, there was actually one cake per person for dessert. Other than my husband, who only ate a piece of the sugar-free cake, the rest of us had a sample of all of the anything but low calorie desserts.

Last night we had New York friends over for cocktails before dinner. (Diet soda, salty nibbles, and cheese – cocktails just sounds better than diet soda and pretzels). By the time cocktail hour was over, I had nibbled enough calories for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, I still had a meal to eat and after dinner coffee and cake back at my home to go!

Before she left, my friend said she could see that I truly had adjusted well to the major move because I was bursting with happiness.”

Hubby glanced at my too tight jeans. “Bursting is the key word.”

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