Friday, April 4, 2008

More on Table Manners

Constant complaints by dinner companions about health during dinner, especially if the complainer isn’t really ill, is another way to get put on my mental “do not call” list. After listening to someone spend the entire evening talking about her bowel problems, I could not down my favorite dessert, chocolate mud pie.


katie said...

I'm relating again. Maybe the senior heartburn issue would be resolved if we had more light conversation and less of the heavy-duty health issues discussion while dining with friends.

Linda said...

Discovering your blog site was one of the greatest finds for me in a long time. You're hysterical! I could really identify with health complaints during dinner and during every other moment that my Aunt Hilda speaks with me. Her bowel movement obsession has now deteriorated to the point where she tells me not only how many movements a day she has had, but now describes them in vivid--and I do mean vivid--detail.